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Issue Position: Restoring Responsible, Smaller Government

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Reducing Spending

Under the leadership of Jon Husted, Ohio enacted the most fiscally conservative budget in 40 years.

Husted worked in concert with Citizens for Tax Reform and members of the Ohio General Assembly to enact a state appropriation limitation (SAL). By passing the SAL, Husted guaranteed state appropriations will never again exceed inflation.

Opposing the Train to Bankruptcy

When Jon Husted learned the proposed high-speed rail plan would run at an average speed of 39 miles per hour and require hundreds of millions of subsidies from Ohio taxpayers, he expressed alarm, and demanded answers about the construction and operation of rail service in Ohio.

Further, Husted was one of only two Senate Republicans to vote against the bill that authorized studying the 3C rail.

Reforming Ohio's Tax Code

In 2005, in his first six months as Speaker of the House, Jon Husted led a tax reform plan that included the largest income tax cut in Ohio history -- a 21 percent across-the-board reduction in all income tax rates.

Knowing that high taxes on business is a job killer, Husted made sure that tax reform reduced and eliminated onerous business taxes that served as major barriers to business expansion and retention. He understands that to grow jobs in Ohio, we have to stop penalizing people we want to earn and invest in Ohio.

The tax reforms Husted led will save Ohio's taxpayers more than $2 billion each year.

Most recently, Jon Husted opposed the Governor's plan to delay these income tax reductions, which amounted to a retroactive tax on all Ohio earners. Husted voted against the increase that serves to chase both businesses and individuals out of our state.

Jon Husted remains committed to seeing that these reductions are fully realized and keeping taxes low for individuals and businesses in Ohio.
Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Job Creation

Jon Husted understands for Ohio's economy to recover, we need to roll out the red carpet and cut the red tape for the people who create jobs.

Jon Husted's job before coming to the legislature was recruiting businesses to Ohio, and helping existing businesses succeed as vice president of business and economic development at the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. In the legislature, helping businesses grow and create jobs has been his passion.

Husted's work was recognized this year when he was named the National Federation of Small Business/Ohio's Guardian of Small Business for protecting free enterprise by advocating for limited government and conservative spending policies.

The Secretary of State is the front door to Ohio entrepreneurs with responsibility for business filings in the state of Ohio. As the next Secretary of State, Jon Husted will ensure that Ohio businesses don't get frustrated by bureaucratic delays.

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