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Preventing Waste, Fraud And Abuse In The Health Care System


Location: Washington, DC

House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn today released the following statement after news that the Obama Administration has launched efforts to fight waste, fraud and abuse in the health care industry using new tools provided by the Affordable Care Act.

"Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, the Obama Administration has more tools at its disposal to crack down on health care fraud. Reducing waste, fraud and abuse in the health care industry saves taxpayer dollars and protects their health care investments. Unfortunately, Republicans have promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act and the anti-fraud tools included.

"This new law provides the Justice Department and Health and Human Services Department more authority to police Medicare for fraud and abuse. It establishes tough new rules and sentences for criminals, enhances screening and other enrollment requirements, and allocates new resources to fight fraud. It also expands overpayment recovery efforts, enhances penalties to deter fraud and abuse and creates greater oversight of private insurance abuses.

"The Administration's recent success in cracking down on fraud in the health care industry yielded positive results -- $2.5 billion in overpayments for the Medicare trust fund in 2009. This news is encouraging especially at a time when seniors are about to receive checks to help ease the burden of prescription drug costs. With these new tools, the Administration has even better resources to prevent scams and fight back on misinformation to seniors.

"I applaud the Administration's efforts to focus on waste, fraud and abuse in the health care industry. This is yet another example of how health reform law will protect seniors and better the lives of all Americans across the country."

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