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Rob Portman Statement Regarding New Job-Killing Environmental Regulations


Location: Unknown

Rob Portman issued the following statement regarding the Environmental Protection Agency issuing climate change regulations without Congressional approval:

"Ohio jobs are threatened by the Obama Administration's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decision this week to issue climate change regulations without Congressional approval. EPA is unleashing a chain of regulations that will result in higher electricity and gasoline prices, putting Ohio families and workers at a clear disadvantage, and stifling Ohio's chances of economic recovery.
"Now more than ever, as Ohioans try to lift themselves up from this historic economic crisis, the Democrats in Washington are imposing rules that will unilaterally disarm Ohio's energy sector, increase the cost of energy for every Ohioan, and put even more Ohio jobs at risk. This is the wrong policy for Ohio, yet this is exactly what we can expect to see from Lt. Governor Lee Fisher, who is in lock-step with the Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda."

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