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Marysvile This Week - Kilroy, Stivers Set for 15th District Rematch

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By Jeff Donahue

Mary Jo Kilroy and Steve Stivers, who slugged it out in a political showdown two years ago, will go at it again in November in the Ohio 15th U.S. Congressional District race.
Kilroy won the first meeting between the two after the bitterly contested race came down to a recount. The 2010 campaign is expected to be another close call.
Stivers was a runaway winner in the May 4 Republican primary election.
He swept Franklin, Union and Madison counties en route to a landslide victory.
Stivers advanced to the November election May 4 by winning the Republican primary in a landslide over Upper Arlington businessman John Adams and Ralph A. Applegate.
Stivers claimed the Republican nomination with 82.4 percent of the vote. Adams was a distant second with 12 percent and Applegate was third with 5.6 percent.
Kilroy and Libertarian candidate William J. Kammerer were unopposed in the primary.
The Constitution Party nomination went to David Ryon, who slipped past Chris Macisco by a 51.3-48.7 percent margin.
Stivers wasted no time in firing the first shot at Kilroy in a post-primary press release.
"One of the biggest differences is that in 2010 Mary Jo Kilroy has a record of 98.5-percent support of Nancy Pelosi's agenda," he said. "During her two-year term, the federal deficit has more than tripled as a percentage of GDP, and the stimulus plan that was supposed to put people back to work has failed so badly that long-term unemployment is at an all time high."
Stivers said he is focused on economic issues, including job creation.
"The coming campaign will give central Ohioans a clear choice between my ideas designed to grow the private economy and get people back to work, or her programs that will bring higher taxes, more federal spending and deficits that will steal from our children and grandchildren," he said.
Kilroy said she has and will continue to defend the interests of the middle class.

"As the daughter of a pipefitter, I understand that we must work for the middle class and against the special interests, and I look forward to talking to Democrats, Republicans and Independents about how I am serving them," Kilroy said. "This election is a choice between my efforts helping the middle class and working to hold Wall Street and the big banks accountable, or a career bank lobbyist who would block progress and defend big corporate interests that fared so well under George Bush."

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