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Non-Partisan Analysis: Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act Protects Consumers

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Non-Partisan Analysis: Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act Protects Consumers

Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), co-author with Senator Lieberman (I-Conn.) of the Senate's comprehensive energy independence and climate change legislation, today highlighted non-partisan analysis showing the American Power Act protects consumers, especially vulnerable low-income households.

The American Power Act "follows the soundest approach to protecting low-and moderate-income consumers in a comprehensive energy and climate bill," wrote the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in their consumer relief analysis. "This approach is effective in reaching these households, efficient (with low administrative costs), and consistent with the goal of encouraging energy conservation."

"In these economic times, every colleague we've talked to stressed the imperative of any energy and climate bill protecting consumers, and this was a guiding principle for Joe Lieberman and me throughout the process," said Sen. Kerry. "We were proud to have Tom Kuhn from EEI and Jim Rodgers of Duke Energy affirm this week that our bill protects consumers. Now we have non-partisan affirmation that our approach works for American families. The American Power Act is based on a reduce-and-refund approach. We reduce carbon pollution, reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and refund the revenues back to the American taxpayer and their families. After we help companies hold down their costs and adjust to the new standards, all the money goes back to the American taxpayer directly."

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