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WNDU - State Rep. Jackie Walorski Wins 2nd Congressional District GOP Primary

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Location: Unknown

By Stephanie Stang

We now know who will face Congressman Donnelly in the general election.

State representative Jackie Walorski won the Republican primary.

Walorski cruised to victory by taking 61-percent of the vote while businessman Jack Jordan had 29-percent of the total.

Martin Dolan and Tony Zirkle rounded out the vote for Republicans in the second district.

Dolan, who dropped his campaign, got eight percent while veteran candidate Tony Zirkle got three percent.

Walorski gave a victory speech a few hours after the polls closed. Ultimately she thanked many of her volunteers for their hard work and the team effort.

Walorski and her supporters gathered at an Elkhart restaurant Tuesday night where she gave her thanks. She says she plans to continue to run a "clean" campaign. There's already speculation that the next six months will be a heated campaign between the two parties.

Walorski says she'll focus on the economy and the devastating effects health care reform could have on the country.

"I think at the end of the day, people of the 2nd district want someone who is fighting for them, not someone who has lost their way, someone who is fighting for them. Literally has the experience of what I have done in Indiana, going from a billion dollar deficit to a two million dollar surplus and helped bring jobs into this state," said Walorski.

Both candidates voted absentee on Tuesday. Donnelly had votes in Washington. Walorski wanted to campaign at the polls.

Donnelly wasn't available for an interview over the phone but did send out a statement outlining what's he done while in office.

Part of the statement says, "Donnelly has introduced a jobs package that provides tax incentives for small businesses and has cracked down on unfair trade practices and currency manipulation by China. He has increased funding for Pell Grants, cut college loan interest rates in half and supports tough new regulations on Wall Street and credit card companies so they will stop hurting consumers."

Donnelly was unopposed in Tuesday's primary and is running for his third term.

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