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Issue Position: Government Spending Reform

Issue Position

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As was the case last fiscal year, Pennsylvania is facing a significant budgetary shortfall -- at least some $1 billion. In order to enact a balanced budget that provides funding for state services, such as tuition assistance, school funding, roadway maintenance and construction, public protection, and other necessary functions of state government, lawmakers will either be forced to cut services or raise taxes.

Tony believes that before any consideration is given to raise the personal income tax or any other broad-based tax, government waste, inefficiency and redundancies must be eliminated. We can no longer afford Harrisburg's tax-and-spend days of old. We must now learn to do more with less -- like most families.

As governor, Tony will implement programs designed to reduce our state's $1.5 billion tax delinquency rate, making those who owe taxes pay their fair share in a timely manner -- rather than force the rest of us to pick up the tab. He will implement program audits intended to identify and eliminate those state spending programs that are ineffective, and will improve state purchasing agreements to reduce state energy usage costs and leverage large purchasing power for lower prices.

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