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Issue Position: Spending

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Washington politicians are on a dangerous spending spree. A combination of wasteful pork projects, multiple bailouts, the so-called stimulus, and new government programs have pushed the deficit for 2009 to a record-breaking $1.6 trillion dollars and the ten-year deficit to $9 trillion dollars.

Among the many problems with all this spending is that politicians make spending decisions based on their own political interests - not on the economic needs of the country. That's how American taxpayers ended up paying for a "Bridge to Nowhere" in Alaska, a tea pot museum in North Carolina, and fancy vacations for workers of bailed out companies.

Excessive political spending breeds waste, corruption, and a lack of transparency. In addition to all the waste and abuse, there is another problem with all this government spending: The growing debt. Politicians will have to pay for all this spending one way or another. They can borrow more money (mostly from foreign sources) and force larger interest payments on the American people; they can raise taxes; or they can print money and debase our savings.

In any case, it is the American taxpayer and our children and grandchildren who will be paying for all this spending.

Pat has long been a strong proponent of putting policies in place to make sure our representatives and senators can't spend taxpayer dollars haphazardly. When he was in Congress, he voted against spending taxpayer dollars on pork-barrel earmarks and pushed for laws that would curb how much politicians are allowed to spend. He also supported legislation to increase transparency in Congress so taxpayers can see exactly how their money is being spent.

Because of his strong record of standing up for taxpayers, Pat received the highest score of any Pennsylvania member of Congress from Citizens Against Government Waste. When Pat is elected to the Senate, he will continue to push for these and other policies that save taxpayer dollars and erase the deficit.

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