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Issue Position: Taxes

Issue Position

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When people work hard, they have a right to enjoy the money they have earned. But when the government imposes an unnecessarily heavy burden on our paychecks, our businesses, our investments, and our goods and services, it impinges upon our economic freedom.

Economic freedom and economic prosperity are two sides of the same coin. Without economic freedom, you can't have true economic prosperity. After all, when government taxes something, we get less of it. If government raises taxes on investment, work, and production, people will work less, invest less, and produce less for the simple reason that they get to keep an increasingly smaller portion of the money they work so hard to earn.

Conversely, if government cuts taxes, people will have a natural incentive to work more, produce more, and invest more. That is why keeping taxes low is so important to growing our economy, creating jobs, and increasing the standard of living for all Americans.

Pat supports lower marginal income tax rates for all Americans, cutting the tax on capital gains investment, and cutting income taxes on American businesses - which suffer from the second highest corporate tax rate in the world. As a congressman, Pat never voted for a tax increase and fought for lower taxes for all Americans. In the Senate, he will fight for the lower taxes that are integral to our economic freedom and the economic prosperity this country deserves.

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