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Issue Position: National Security

Issue Position

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We live in a dangerous world and the primary job of our government is to protect our country and people. Our enemies watch closely to see if we let down our guard. A strong America means a safe America. When our nation must send troops into battle, our military leaders should decide tactics and strength, not politicians in Washington. Our fighting men and women should have every available resource to do their job and return home safely. And when America makes a commitment, it has to mean that we'll follow through and bring our troops home as quickly as possible.

"I strongly support the democratic movements awakening throughout the world, especially in such important nations as Iran. We must stop the destructive, illegitimate government there from obtaining advanced nuclear technology and becoming a nuclear weapons power. I believe that the United States must remain Israel's strongest ally, especially with such violent, hateful and antagonizing rhetoric from brutal regimes like the current government in Iran. With that in mind, I believe that the right of Israel's people to defend themselves cannot be disputed."

"In Afghanistan, Iraq and across the Middle East, the United States must take the necessary steps to stop radical groups from breeding extremism and taking hold in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. We must support the rights of people across this troubled part of the world to seek freedom and democracy."

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