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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position

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Unemployment is the biggest issue facing our country. Unfortunately, those running Congress today have failed to take the steps necessary to turn the economy around, and the American people have every right to ask "Where are the jobs?"

A year ago, when the President took office and the liberals in Congress, including my opponent, began their third year in power, unemployment was at 7.6%. The President and members of Congress promised that if the nearly $800 billion stimulus bill were passed, unemployment would peak at 8%. A year later, unemployment remains stubbornly around 10%.

The liberals' plan is not working because government spending does not create real, sustainable jobs. While they've been wasting the money they allocated in the stimulus, the liberals in Congress and the Administration have sent every wrong message to the job creators in our economy. They keep threatening them with additional burdens and costs, whether through new health care taxes, cap and trade taxes, or the expiration of the tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003.

Instead of imposing additional burdens, I will work to simplify the system, making it less expensive and easier for businesses to hire people. I will fight to cut corporate tax rates and the capital gains tax rates, and to reduce regulation. These practical common sense solutions will not be implemented under the current Reid and Pelosi leadership, and supported by our Congressman.

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