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Ellsworth Language To Reduce Wasteful Government Spending Passes House

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Ellsworth Language To Reduce Wasteful Government Spending Passes House

Today, as the House of Representatives passed the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act, a bill that provides Hoosiers with significant help on the upfront costs of making energy efficient improvements to their homes to help reduce their energy bills, the House adopted the Ellsworth language. The language ensures the bill will not allow for spending on wasteful promotional items.

"As we seek to address the many economic challenges facing our nation, we have to be vigilant and put a stop to ineffective and wasteful spending. Finding new ways -- large and small -- to trim government spending will play a large part in moving our budget in the right direction," Said Brad. "I pledge to continue to do my part here in Washington, and I will continue to depend on my constituents to inform me of the wasteful government spending they experience in everyday life."

The Ellsworth language prohibits the public education funding in the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act from being used for the distribution of gift items, knickknacks, tchotchkes, devices or other items without direct educational value.

Brad has been working hard to provide a balanced budget, rein in government spending and eliminate waste a fraud to save taxpayers money. Brad efforts include:
* Demanding information from the Census Bureau to justify the spending on "promotional items" to educate the public on the importance of filling out their census.
* Eliminating over $1 million in wasteful spending at the Social Security Administration on chap stick and refrigerator magnets.

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