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Hodes Statement On Last Week's Stock Market Plunge


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Paul Hodes released the following statement as the Capital Markets Subcommittee holds a hearing investigating last week's bizarre stock market plunge:

"The pain of the financial crisis is still being felt by thousands of New Hampshire families who continue to struggle as they regain their economic footing. These families didn't need last week's market dive to understand what an unregulated Wall Street can do to America's middle class. Until we get real reforms, middle class families will continue to see their economic livelihoods rise and fall on the whims of Wall Street. Last week was as clear of a sign as we will ever get that Wall Street practices must be reined in -- and that the consumer's role in the marketplace continues to take a back seat to the Wall Street rules that seem to work for Wall Street executives, but not regular people."

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