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Kerry on Broadband Service Classification


Location: Washington, DC

Kerry on Broadband Service Classification

Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), Chairman of the Commerce Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet, this evening released a statement after speaking with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski commending the Chairman for his thoughtful, measured approach in response to the legal issues raised in the Comcast v. FCC case:

"This is a real leadership moment for the FCC. In the wake of the Comcast decision, Chairman Genachowski was put in a difficult position and was presented a false choice between no regulation of broadband services or excessive regulation. He has chosen to a measured middle path and I support it.

"I have argued that under existing law the Commission can and should find that it has the authority to write and enforce rules protecting consumers, the open Internet, and competition in the transmission of Internet communications through the wires and over the air. This change of classification is a moderate, pragmatic step necessary to ensure that the FCC can keep faith with its core mission. The Commission still must build a factual record showing that its reclassification is well-reasoned and I look forward to that process and to hearing from all stakeholders. I also remain open to working with colleagues, the Commission, and interested parties on legislation necessary to fully implement the National Broadband Plan and encourage continued innovation and investment in the sector."

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