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Congressman Scott Attends Session On Nuclear Nonproliferation

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Scott Attends Session On Nuclear Nonproliferation

Congressman David Scott returned from meetings of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly's Science and Technology Committee in New York. The meetings, held at the U.N., coincided with a speech to the UN by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As the General Rapporteur of the Science and Technology Committee, Congressman Scott will produce annual Committee General Reports on subjects of highest relevance for the Committee at that time. The General Report for the Committee in 2010 will discuss NATO relations with Russia in areas that include nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament, missile defense, energy security and the Arctic.

"The discussion of nuclear non-proliferation is about the current security of the United State and its allies," Congressman Scott said. "Iran is attempting to build nuclear weapons and non-state actors are on the hunt for nuclear materials. We only need to look at the failed bombing in New York this weekend as an example that terrorism does not wait for deliberation."

General Rapporteurs also have a responsibility to draft and present Resolutions - policy recommendations for NATO and governments of member's states, usually based on the findings of the General report. Resolutions are discussed and adopted first by Committees and then by the Assembly as a whole during the Annual Session of NATO PA. Resolutions are non-binding, but they reflect the official Assembly's position on certain important international issues and identify specific measures that need to be taken by the Alliance's governments.

The NATO PA Science and Technology Committee discusses a number of important themes for the Euro-Atlantic community, including nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, missile defense, energy security, climate change and security implications of emerging technologies.

Congressman Scott was elected at the 55th Session (Edinburgh -- November 2009) as General Rapporteur on the NATO PA Science and Technology Committee. Congressman Scott is also a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

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