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Issue Position: Immigrants

Issue Position

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Most immigrants migrate because of the need for work, and whether or not they have papers, they are not criminals. Millions of these immigrants in the United States contribute to our economy and become part of our communities. They must be given full civil and political rights. At the same time, we must change the world economy disparities that force so many to migrate because of poverty.

* Legalize all immigrants who are now living and working in the United States.
* End workplace immigrant roundups and raids on immigrant homes.
* Stop the policy of breaking up immigrant families.
* Create immediately enough visas so that immigrants who come to work can enter the country legally.
* No guest worker programs that create a second class status for workers.
* Immigrants should enjoy full labor, civil, and political rights.
* No denial of health, education or social programs to immigrants.
* Pass the Dream Act so that immigrant children can go to college.

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