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Issue Position: Analysis on Today's Republican Party

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In just a few weeks we will find our country starting the 2010 election cycle. With 37 U.S. Senate seats and the entire House of Representatives up for grabs in our nation's capitol, it will be an important year for the future of our country. If things go as in the past, we will once again find ourselves voting for the lesser of two evils. The ballots around the country could easily be filled with Republican and Democratic candidates; the same two parties who have underperformed and placed our nation in great peril. I hope my fellow citizens will be on top of their game and realize that if we once again elect these same two parties, then we will continue to get the same results. There is no magic here; the same parties will give the same results every time. By results I mean the currently hard-left lead liberal Democratic Party will socialize the good old U.S.A. in 5 years and the moderate liberal leaning Republican Party will socialize us in 15 years. If the destination is the same, what difference does it make which party takes us there? I want to keep our great nation governed under its current Constitutional Republic as a free nation with sovereign rights granted by our Creator and distinctly different than the rest of the world. But for this to happen the citizens of this country must mature beyond supporting the two party system, have faith in the principles that made our nation great and vote for good independent candidates.

We will find ourselves bombarded by both parties claiming they can fix all the issues our country faces if we only give them a bigger majority in Washington. And make no mistake about it; the conservative leaning talk radio hosts will be pushing the Republican Party as if they are their personal cheerleaders. The Republican Party will do all it can to present itself as a conservative, constitution loving party in the mold of Ronald Reagan. Sean Hannity is already going to great lengths to distinguish the differences in the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Yes, they do look different right now, but don't the two parties always choose opposite sides during campaigns to draw a distinction between them? Will the Republicans really stay conservative in nature once they are in office? They would if they had a strong leader like a Ronald Reagan or a Newt Gingrich, but no such leader is on the scene at this time. What happened to the conservative movement in this country the last two times these same two leaders stepped down? It fell apart and we ended up with the same type of government that the Democrats had to offer, but just progressing towards socialism at a slower pace.

If you don't believe me then let's look at the real results of the Contract with America from 1994. Yes, the attack on our second amendment rights was stopped by the Republicans, but they did not reverse the 10-year assault weapons ban that Bill Clinton put into place with his fellow Democrats. I also recall several current Republicans that voted for that very ban including House minority leader John Boehner. We did get a stop to lifetime welfare benefits, but later we got earned income credit, which doesn't look much different to me. We got a balanced budget for a couple of years and, of course, everyone wants to take credit for it. That truly came from the following items: 1) Reagan's battle and victory over communism with the ensuing defense spending drops it afforded us 2) the high tech bubble which started in the U.S. with products and software invented and built here that caused great growth and the ensuing extra tax dollars reaped by the Federal treasury and 3) the scale back, for awhile, on our welfare-state giveaways.

Only the last one can be credited to the Republicans in power then. The first one is to the credit of Ronald Reagan and the second one just happened on its own. We did not get term limits and many voluntary oaths by Republicans have since been broken. We didn't shrink government a bit and all the same federal agencies are still in place, funded and continuing to muck up the lives of us citizens. The national debt grew overall with only a couple of years of relief. It doesn't sound to me like we really grew as a nation in promoting the founding fathers' principles and ended up with bigger government, more debt and less liberty.

Are you still not convinced yet? Let's look at our next run at a conservative Republican Party when George W. Bush was elected. We finally got it all as conservatives, the senate, the house and the oval office; things were going to happen now. Things happened alright and we got still more debt, a lower standing in view of the rest of the world, no downsizing of the government whatsoever, temporary tax cuts that expire at the end of 2010 and a President who actually thought we should legalize 3 million illegal immigrants. Another blown opportunity that we hadn't had in so long that none of us can even remember.

I hope you get the point now and you won't be so amicable to forgiving the Republican Party for these lapses. The Republican Party will look very conservative and will oppose the Democratic Party's agenda for the next year. They do this every time they are not in control of congress and are sore that they aren't getting as many pork barrel projects and earmarks. I assure you that had they been in power they also would have passed a stimulus package. The difference is that they would have been calling the shots on where to spend it and the Democrat's would be the ones complaining about it. The conservative talk radio show hosts will do all they can to convince you to vote Republican. Remember that they are entertainers and are playing the odds that we will continue under the current two party system. They want to be on board with at least one of the two parties that will be in power and don't have the guts to stand up for the conservative values they truly hold. There are exceptions to this, but not many. Sean Hannity has proclaimed he wants to reform the Republican Party from within as Reagan did, but no leader is here to make it stick and it will only be a temporary solution to stop President Obama's agenda. Supporting a slate of true conservatives will start the process of saving our country for the long haul. That is the only way to get term limits and fundamentally change how business is done in Washington. With a $12 trillion dollar deficit, we will be paying it off for 25 years. Can we really afford another Republican Party lapse in a just a few years when so much is at stake?

You won't hear this message very many places, but you will find me distinctly different than the current crop of politicians who are plaguing our nation. We need to vote for America and stop voting for the parties that are destroying us. Please support me and put an Independent minded working class citizen into the U.S. Senate. I will work to bring sanity, common sense and the truth to the American people.

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