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Issue Position: Global Warming

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Thanks for your interest in my campaign and hopefully your support in next years Election. As an engineer I tend to be one that evaluates the facts, scientific data and the methods that this data and information is gathered before drawing any conclusions.

This issue perplexes me in several ways. First of all the facts as presented by each side are contradictory, which I know can't be right. I question the methods that the data is gathered and see a lot of outside influences trying to skew the data to support their conclusions. (This seems to happen on both sides of the issue). And of course like all other issues congress addresses, it is of urgent national importance and "we must act right now" to save the planet.

The truth of the matter, as I see it, is that we don't really have enough unbiased science behind it to draw any conclusions yet. I know the measurement systems are improving, but the new data can't be compared to previous data since it is usually an apples to oranges comparison. The total amount of temperature data we have is such a small snapshot of time it doesn't really mean anything at this point. The historical evidence indicates wide temperature swings on our planet and a reason for them in only a few cases, such as asteroid impacts and volcanic activity. We obviously don't understand the earth's atmospheric, oceanic current and overall climatic systems well enough to create proper computer models to predict anything yet.

That said, the impact of a large scale warm up of the earth can be evaluated as to what it would cause: a lot less land mass for people to live on, shifting deserts and farming areas and political strife as populations centers shift and are squeezed. These are serious consequences, which merits us continuing to gather data and spending the money necessary to understand mother Earth and what is happening as a priority. Where easy gains are at hand to cut pollution and the human effects on the environment we should simply implement them since it is the right thing to do anyway. I see no need though for massive new taxes, scare tactics and international treaties that treat many nations so differently and unfairly.

I do know that over my life there appears to have been a warm up. Winter comes later and leaves earlier in Ohio. We don't get as much snow and it doesn't stay around as long. Spring just seems to be so short anymore and we jump right into summer. This is empirical data that I have noted, but that I haven't really evaluated through any scientific ways. I know that the Vikings found America hundreds of years before Columbus way up in Greenland. It was warmer and hospitable at that time and a population survived there until the weather patterns changed and drove them out. Who am I to know what is normal over a thousand-year period and how the sun affects the earth's climate system from year to year?

Let's just keep cool heads and let the scientific research prevail. In the end we can make the right decisions on better data, which is more understood. And no new taxes!

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