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Issue Position: National Energy Tax

Issue Position

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During the worst recession in decades, Democrats have hit American families with another job-killing tax on everyday activities like buying groceries and driving the kids to school. The "Cap & Trade" national energy tax, that John Boccieri voted for last year, would amount to one of the largest taxes in American history, would cause electricity prices to skyrocket and would very likely bankrupt an enormous portion of our domestic energy industry. Boccieri's Cap & Trade legislation threatens to wipe out 40,000 jobs in Ohio alone.

In 2008, while campaigning for president, Barack Obama admitted that "Under my plan of a cap & trade system, electricity costs would necessarily skyrocket". When discussing the effect that Cap & Trade will have on the coal industry, which employs thousands of Ohioans, he stated that "it will bankrupt them".

Unlike John Boccieri, in Congress I will forcefully oppose any legislation that will saddle Americans with a new energy tax or that threatens to kill America's domestic energy industry. We need lower taxes, not higher taxes and we need more jobs, not fewer jobs. I understand that, but unfortunately John Boccieri does not.

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