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Issue Position: Agriculture

Issue Position


I am proud to have earned the endorsement of the Indiana Farm Bureau ELECT.

As Indiana Secretary of State, I've worked hard to represent our state's farmers and the issues they face. I meet regularly with Farm Bureau's state leadership and have worked to reduce fees farmers and small businesses pay when they do business with the state.

Climate Change Legislation
With higher net farm income as the goal, I'll fight to protect farmers from the negative effects of climate change legislation. You can read my entire position paper on the so-called "Cap and Trade" legislation that would drive up fuel, fertilizer and energy costs for farmers and consumers at

Ethanol and Bio-Diesel
Wrong-headed as the "Cap and Trade" scheme is, I do believe the United States must reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil. This is both an economic and national security concern, which I believe ethanol made from corn and soy based biodiesel can help solve.

Animal Agriculture
I know there is more to Indiana agriculture than corn and soybeans. I also support the efforts of Indiana animal agriculture. I have traveled to each of Indiana's 92 counties every year in my eight years as Secretary of State. The livestock and poultry operations I've visited in Indiana are productive, safe, humane and environmentally sound, but they are too often demonized and over-regulated. I won't go along with efforts by some to put them out of business and drive animal agriculture off-shore.

Taxes and Economic Policy
On taxes and economic policy, I believe Washington D.C. spends far too much of your money. I'll oppose tax increases and the wasteful spending that leads to them. You can read my Rokita Recovery Plan at In it, I call for reducing marginal income tax rates and corporate tax rates to simplify the tax code and spur economic development, as well as other measures to balance the federal budget and force Congress to live within its means.

I've also pledged to vote to permanently kill the "Death Tax" or "Estate Tax", which unfairly targets farmers and small business owners who have worked hard and should be able to pass their farms and businesses on to their heirs.

Trade and Open Markets for Indiana farm products
I believe our nation must have markets around the globe to export our goods and products. I would vote in favor of current free trade agreements pending in Congress, including those with Columbia, South Korea, and Panama. In Congress, I will fight to ensure open markets to Indiana's agricultural products.

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