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The New Health Care Law Fails On All Counts

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. CARTER. Mr. Speaker, remember when we were told the whole point of the new health care bill was to lower health care costs and to insure all Americans? Well, the CMS, under the control of the Obama administration, estimates that the law fails on all counts.

Twenty million Americans who currently can't afford health care will be forced under duress to buy a product or will face fines in IRS action. Four million Americans still will not be able to buy health insurance, and they will pay $33 billion in fines. Fourteen million will lose their employer-sponsored health care insurance. Twenty-three million Americans will still have no health care coverage in 2019. Twenty-one percent of the gross domestic product will be spent on health care after this law is implemented, which is much higher than if the Congress had done nothing.

You have to wonder: When did we know all of this, and why didn't we know about it before the vote was taken?

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