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Issue Position: Civil Rights

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" -- Elaine believes that if people are willing to serve, then we should honor them. Signing up to join the United States military is one of the most courageous things anyone can do, and as U.S. Senator she would fully support the repeal of this outdated policy. If someone is willing to fight for our country, we should not ask them to lie about who they are.

Doing away with the "Defense of Marriage Act" -- Elaine believes it is not the Federal government's job to discriminate against anybody including when it comes to sexual orientation. As U.S. Senator, Elaine would support the repeal of DOMA and fight to restore the idea of equality for all Americans.

Enacting the "Employment Non-Discrimination Act" -- Elaine believes that all Americans have the right to live and work without fear of being themselves. As U.S. Senator, Elaine would support the passing of ENDA to end LGBT discrimination.

Enacting the "United American Families Act" -- Elaine believes that all consenting partners deserve the right to be with one another. As U.S. Senator, Elaine would support the enactment of UAFA legislation, which would allow all bi-national married couples the same immigration rights extended to heterosexual couples.

Respect for all Americans -- Elaine understands that many of these issues can be contentious and used by politicians to divide people. As U.S. Senator, Elaine will not only fight to give equality to all Americans, but will strive to keep the debate civil and honest and not allow politicians to demagogue Americans for political gain.

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