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Issue Position: National Security

Issue Position

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The number one priority of our national security policy should be to keep Americans safe here at home. We are currently bogged down in two wars that are draining our resources and keeping American troops at risk. Meanwhile, our most recent terrorist threat, the failed Christmas Day bomber, came from neither of those countries. We need to closely examine our national security priorities.

Build international cooperation -- I applaud President Obama's move to strengthen the United States by working as a partner in the international community rather than continue the go-it-nearly-alone policies of the Bush Administration. We operate from a position of strength when we have support from the international community, whether we are chasing terrorists or trying to influence non-cooperative states like Iran or North Korea.

Secure our borders and ports --We need to improve screening and coordination between government agencies to identify and prevent terrorists from entering the country. We also need to beef up port security to better screen containers and cargo. As the Bureau of Customs and Border Patrol states, our borders should be the last line of security, not the first.

Avoid long term entanglements in failed states --The terrorists that are threatening our country today hold no allegiance to any nation. They thrive in unstable political environments where they can operate uninterrupted by dysfunctional governments. We need to resist the temptation to fix these struggling states. Instead, we should focus our military action on disrupting terrorist activity and capturing or killing terrorists wherever they operate. Addressing the needs of dysfunctional states should be the role of the entire international community and the burden should not fall disproportionately on the United States.

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