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Issue Position: Healthcare

Issue Position

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The Democrat's plan raises taxes on individuals and businesses and shifts the already unaffordable costs to the skyrocketing national debt. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says up to 90% of Americans will see their current premiums increase or see no discernible relief. Individuals covered by their employer's insurance will be at risk of losing that insurance, and anyone without coverage will be required by law to purchase their own insurance.
The shameful way in which the House and Senate have strong armed these measures through Congress with shady, backroom deal-making and an utter lack of transparency and bi-partisanship has justifiably increased the cynicism of the American people and lowered their already strained faith in their elected officials in Washington. Americans of all political stripes value fairness. The arrogance displayed by the Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional leadership in providing targeted politically motivated handouts to the few at the rest of our expense is astounding. Congress needs to take this horribly conceived plan back to the woodshed and come up with a sensible bipartisan plan that starts by lowering costs. Congress can address rising costs and make major improvements by taking several common sense steps. First, ending the costly practice of defensive medicine by enacting medical malpractice reform. Doctors today order more unnecessary tests than ever due to the constant threat of frivolous lawsuits. Second, eliminating the ban on companies from selling health insurance across state lines. By making health insurance portable, citizens will no longer be afraid to leave jobs for a better one or lose health insurance if they lose their job.

As I have campaigned across the Eighth District, most of the voters I have spoken with agree that we need healthcare reform. They have said we want reform based in free market principles that would allow for: 1) competition across state lines, 2) individuals and families to own their own policies just like they do for car, homeowners and life insurance and 3) business to pool their resources to get the best health insurance for their employees. What they do NOT want is a government mandated and run system that will force them to purchase health insurance or face the wrath of the federal government through punitive fines. If I am elected as the next Congressman to represent the Eighth Congressional District, I will work to repeal the legislation. I will also work to replace the federal takeover of healthcare with reform that is based in free market principles that will guarantee access to quality healthcare for all Americans.

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