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Additional Facts And Figures From The Health Care Bill

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SCALISE. I thank the gentleman from Missouri. And this latest smoking gun that's come out is just yet one more example of why the American people are so angry about what happened with this government takeover of health care, with the way it was rammed through, with all the broken promises.

And you can go back to the very beginning when the President was a candidate. He said multiple times all of these hearings would be on C-SPAN so you could actually have transparency and find out what's going on. In fact, none of that transparency happened. None of those meetings were held on C-SPAN. And now we see this document that comes out conveniently just 2 weeks, 3 weeks after the vote that barely passed by three votes that confirms what we were saying, that this would actually raise the costs of health care for most American families at a time when we should be lowering the cost of health care, like our bill did that we filed that actually would have addressed the real problems in health care. But in fact their bill does the opposite, and now it's confirmed that.

What I really want to find out is when did the administration know about this report? Was this report produced by CMS, a Federal agency, before the vote and then covered up, literally held under wraps so that this couldn't become public until after the vote, when the American people would once again see that yet another promise by this administration on health
care was broken with their government takeover?

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