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ICYMI: Growing Concern Over EPA "Prize"

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Location: Washington, DC

ICYMI: Growing Concern Over EPA "Prize"

The EPA's promise of a taxpayer funded cash prize for a YouTube video contest contiunes to attract concern. As was reported last week, the EPA is encouraging Americans to put together short videos to encourage participation in the bureaucratic "rulemaking" process. The contest includes a taxpayer funded $2,500.00 prize.

According to Congressman Blackburn, "This may seem like a small issue, but the beltway mindset that prize money is an appropriate use of taxpayer funds is the same mindset that has driven this country into crippling debt. We have to confront this mindset, and defeat it, wherever we find it."

In an editorial today, the Clarksville Leaf Chronicle said "Although the EPA's goal of educating Americans on how to get involved in the rule-making process basically is all right, the glory of having one's video posted on the EPA's website should provide incentive enough for entries."

Americans for Tax Reform echoed Blackburn's concern over the use of taxpayer funds for prize money and used their blog to highlight a video entry of their own.

Last week, Congressman Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) wrote President Obama, asking him to withdraw the offer of prize money. Blackburn Addressed the issue on Memphis' FOX 13 and it was the subject of a segment on Fox's "Hannity" . Blackburn encourages Americans to share their own stories about the impact of federal regulations on her Facebook page:

As Blackburn points out in her letter to the President, "I understand that in context of the trillions the federal government spends every year, $2,500.00 seems inconsequential. As of this writing, it is only 0.0000000194% of the total federal debt. Washington spends fifty times this amount every second. We must remember however, $2,500.00 is the total tax contribution for a working American making just under $30,000 a year."

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