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Issue Position: Social Security

Issue Position

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I have a grave concern for Arkansans who are in the younger generations paying into a system that will probably not be available to them when they arrive at the age of retirement. The experts forecast the largest group of impacted citizens will be our young Americans. This entire program needs to be overhauled by Congress. As your representative, I promise to "force politicians' hands" on this issue. I will make sure I am involved in these discussions, active in the debates and conversations for solutions.

As Congress discusses this program's redesign, it will be an enormous challenge to make it equitable for everyone. A solution I support is privatizing Social Security making it an individually controlled voluntary retirement account for those paying into the system. What I promise to do is make sure the suggested solutions retain as much value for our young people and those approaching retirement. My ideas are that those citizens already receiving payments will see no change in their current method of payments. Our retirees will continue to see monthly payments as scheduled: preserving the current program for our veterans and retired citizens while redesigning the structure for longevity and the highest return on investment for our younger generations.

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