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Issue Position: Immigration/Border Security/National Language

Issue Position

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Immigration and border control are national security issues. Secure borders make it less likely that violent extremists and terrorists will be able to enter our country or smuggle dangerous weapons and materials into our communities. Also, a violent drug war is taking place between drug cartels and law enforcement on both sides of our southern border. Our federal government has a Constitutional responsibility to defend our country, so we must enact tough immigration and border enforcement.

We must say "NO!" to amnesty. If elected, I will speak out and vote against any form of amnesty. I will support mandatory employee verification. Employee verification is simple and fast, and it helps reduce identity theft. Especially during these difficult economic times, we should all be offended that American citizens are being forced to compete for jobs with illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigrants must not qualify for any public assistance. I will support efforts to remove the so-called "anchor baby" incentive that encourages people to enter our country illegally so that their children born on American soil will automatically become U.S. citizens. I will introduce or cosponsor legislation that will remove all legal incentives that encourage people to come to the United States illegally or overstay their visas.

I will support all necessary funding for the border patrol and other law enforcement agencies that help secure our borders or enforce our immigration laws. Our highest priority for deportation must be illegal immigrants who have engaged in additional criminal behavior, especially violent crime. I will support the deployment of the latest technology and techniques to make our borders impenetrable.

Finally, I will cosponsor legislation to recognize English as the national language of the United States. America welcomes immigrants from non-English speaking countries to come to our country through the legal process. The law cannot and should not regulate the language that people use in their private lives and conversations. However, promoting English as the national language to be used in our civic discourse will incentivize immigrants to learn English well, and this will help our country maintain an important level of civic unity.

I understand why so many people want to come to America. People, including children, are literally dying while trying to reach our shores. We need to remove the legal incentives that encourage people to take this risk. The rate of immigration into the United States should be based solely on the best interests of our country. We should prioritize entry for people who demonstrate an honest intention to become Americans first and foremost and to serve our country -- people who want to make America strong by creating American jobs, inventing new American technologies, or serving our communities in other ways.

I will fight for strong immigration and border control, but I need your help. Election Day is May 18. Please mark your calendar, tell your friends, and do all you can to spread the word about this race and my candidacy.

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