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Issue Position: Health Care

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Health Care -- REPEAL and REPLACE ObamaCare

If elected, I will fight to REPEAL ObamaCare and REPLACE it with a positive health care reform alternative, based on conservative principles and solutions. My commitment is much more than an election year promise. This is a battle for the future of our country, and I will fight it with all my energy.

America needs health care reform, but the Obama-Pelosi Health Care Bill is a disaster. ObamaCare will drive up the cost of health care, provide taxpayer funding for abortions, increase the federal tax burden, slow our economy, destroy jobs, increase our national debt, force states to raise taxes, and reduce freedom. Legislative tricks and fraudulent accounting gimmicks have been used to hide the costs and negative impacts of the bill behind a smoke screen of misinformation. The process has been dominated by bribes, backroom deals, and secret negotiations.

My REPEAL and REPLACE health care plan is simple and designed to fix serious problems while preserving the parts of our system that work well for families today.

First, my plan will break-up the state-by-state monopolies that insurance companies have enjoyed. Families would be free to purchase the best, most affordable insurance coverage from providers that will compete in a quality-driven marketplace.

Second, my plan will make insurance more portable and give more people access. In part, we would do this by eliminating the tax penalties for individuals who purchase their insurance independently. We should each own our health care coverage, and we should not lose insurance every time we change jobs.

Third, my plan will include true medical malpractice lawsuit reform (tort reform) to eliminate the junk lawsuits that drive up costs. The threat of junk lawsuits forces good doctors to quit serving patients. I will support a tort reform proposal that will bring down costs while ensuring that people who are truly harmed by malpractice have access to relief.

Fourth, my plan will expand Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) to make it easier for people to pay out-of-pocket health care expenses tax-free. These accounts help drive down costs and improve quality by creating a real marketplace for health care services where health care providers compete on the basis of quality and cost. New tools would be created to help patients compare the quality and costs of various providers.

Fifth, my plan would eliminate current provisions of law that discourage and prevent small businesses from joining together to offer health care at lower prices, the same way big businesses and labor unions do.

Sixth, my plan will provide incentives to states that effectively promote prevention and tackle chronic diseases and illness.

Seventh, my plan will provide major rewards and incentives to private-sector researchers who make major steps toward curing deadly diseases or lowering the cost of treatments. Providing major financial rewards and support for this kind of research will make life better for millions of people and lower the cost to the taxpayer by reducing the cost of Medicare, Medicaid, and other taxpayer-funded programs.

Finally, my plan would prevent insurers from unfairly canceling an insurance policy, and my plan would enable coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions through the creation of high-risk insurance pools. This is a low-cost alternative to the unconstitutional mandates that ObamaCare will force on the states and individual citizens.

My plan will not raise taxes. My plan will not use taxpayer dollars to fund abortions. My plan will not allow the government to interfere in the doctor-patient relationship.

Social Security and Medicare are headed toward a financial cliff, but rather than address this looming disaster, President Obama and the Democrats in Congress have created a new entitlement program that will cost at least $1,500,000,000,000 (1.5 trillion dollars) in this decade alone.

We must REPEAL and REPLACE ObamaCare. The American people must elect new representatives and a new President before a positive alternative can be enacted. We must succeed, because the ObamaCare takeover will radically transform the relationship between our citizens and our government. ObamaCare is designed to make the people depend on government for health care.

This is a fight we can win, but I need you to help me do my part. Election Day is May 18. Please mark your calendar, tell your friends, volunteer, or make a donation. Thanks!

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