Issue Position: Energy, Cap & Trade

Issue Position

By:  Tim Griffin
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

Energy Independence and the Cap and Trade Energy Tax

Energy independence is critical to both our national security and our economic future.

The cap and trade energy tax would cripple natural resource development in Arkansas, kill thousands of Arkansas jobs, and impose an energy tax on consumers. It's bad legislation, and I oppose it.

We must make use of America's known energy sources and encourage exploration and resource development.

I support development of alternative energy sources as well as more efficient use of existing energy sources such as natural gas, nuclear, coal and oil. I believe America's long-term energy independence will be a combination of current and emerging technologies.

Rep. Snyder voted against offshore drilling, drilling in ANWR, building new oil refineries and voted for the cap and trade energy tax. I oppose cap and trade legislation and believe we should encourage resource development and drilling wherever possible. In order to become energy independent, we must elect a representative who will vote for Arkansas -- not with Speaker Pelosi.

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