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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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Health care decisions should be made by doctors and their patients.

There is no question that today's health care system needs reform and the key to that reform is less bureaucracy and more choices for patients.

Our health care system can be improved by:

Promoting free market solutions such as health savings accounts and allowing small businesses and other small groups to pool together to buy insurance.

Reducing government interference by eliminating restrictions such as the prohibition on competition between health insurance companies in different states.

Reducing the cost of malpractice insurance for doctors through tort reform.

Encouraging insurance companies to reduce inefficiencies by streamlining administrative procedures.

Allow individuals with pre-existing health conditions access to health insurance.

The United States should not move toward a European or Canadian style health care system which rations health care.

Health care reform should not be funded with Medicare cuts.

Rep. Snyder voted for Speaker Pelosi's health care bill which will move the United States closer to government run health care, will increase the national debt, decrease quality and do nothing to control costs.

In 2010, we cannot afford to elect another Congressman who sides with Speaker Pelosi. We must elect someone who will work for us, not against us.

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