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The Value-Added Tax


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The value-added tax is the worst kind of tax imaginable -- it's hidden, it's complex, it's easily susceptible to special interests, and it's always getting bigger.

Vice President Joe Biden confirmed yesterday that President Obama is "open to listening" to the prospect of bringing a European-style value added tax (VAT) to the United States. That extraction was won by the hosts of ABC's The View just hours after Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said the President "does not support" the tax. The day before that, President Obama himself called the idea of an American VAT "novel" just hours after his spokesman said it "isn't on the table." It's tough for any member of the Obama Administration to deny the President's interest in this massive middle-class tax hike when his economic team has already run the numbers on it and when the head of his fiscal commission -- who has co-authored a book with Rahm Emanuel -- says it's under consideration.

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