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Brady Says Civic Federation Report Should Finally Kill Quinn Tax Plan


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Civic Federation report should be final nail for Quinn tax increase

Extra billion dollars in borrowing just one more example of wrong direction

Statement by Bill Brady, candidate for Governor;

The Civic Federation's report should act as a wake up call for Governor Pat Quinn to finally drop his 33 percent income tax increase plan and instead make meaningful cuts to government overspending.

I don't agree with all the Civic Federation's recommendations, of course, but any voice against out-of-control borrowing and spending is helpful to the debate. Pat Quinn's budget plans take too much money from taxpayers and don't make enough serious cuts. He's actually calling for ten times more in taxes and fees than in cuts, and just in a few weeks another one billion dollars in borrowing has been added.

Let's make meaningful spending cuts. Mayor Daley last week said he wants to cut city spending by ten percent. I have the same goal for the state. And the Chicago Tribune believes we can balance the budget without a tax increase.

As the Tribune says today, "As Monday dawns, Quinn is an increasingly lonely proponent of a tax hike." That is good news for Illinois.

Governor Quinn has proven he is capable of backing off bad tax ideas when there's enough pressure. For a couple days, there was serious talk about reaching into the air for our money while we're trying to enjoy a song or a movie. Instead of taxing downloads on the people, let's see if we can get the political insiders to download a sense of the public interest into their outdated way of thinking.

The iTunes tax was a bad idea. The Governor's overall budget plan is a terrible one.
The legislature is running up against the deadline to give the people of Illinois a budget. Last week, Pat Quinn held a closed-door meeting on the budget despite the fact that not a single open hearing has been held. Let's have a frank debate in the coming weeks about whether the governor's tax-and-borrow-and-spend plan is the right approach for Illinois.

Or we can cut out the waste and political paybacks in the budget.
In the past ten years, at least ten percent in waste and political paybacks have unquestionably been padded onto the state budget. That's just one percent a year. With a clean break attitude, we can balance the budget.

Brady urges voters to oppose Quinn's tax increase plan by signing a petition at

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