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Commemorating 40th Anniversary Of Earth Day

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

* Mr. LUJÁN. Madam Speaker, it would be easy to get depressed on Earth Day, when the challenges to saving the world just seem to keep growing.

* Still, right in Santa Fe's backyard, people are making strides simple and ambitious to live lighter on the Earth.

* That is what the Santa Fe New Mexican said today on Earth Day.

* And that is where we are making a difference--with efforts large and small.

* We have groups like Santa Fe Youth works--building homes that use less energy and empowering at risk students.

* Families are caulking their home and using more energy efficient light bulbs.

* Too often we miss signs of progress amidst the great work that remains to be done like taking on climate change, diminishing energy resources, and polluted lands and water. But every day each of us can, and must, make a difference toward a cleaner world.

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