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Ellsworth Urges Senate To Work Together To Pass Real Financial Reform


Location: Unknown

Today, following the second consecutive failed vote to open debate on how we best reform our financial system, Representative Ellsworth released the following statement:

"Today's testimony by Goldman Sachs is just further proof that too many Wall Street power brokers eagerly took billions of dollars in bonuses at the expense of hard working Hoosiers by betting on the failure of America's housing market."

"This culture and attitude can no longer be tolerated. Congress must act to protect the pension funds, 401Ks, college saving funds and home value of Americans who worked hard and played by the rules, only to be taken advantage of by a greedy few on Wall Street."

"This issue is too important for typical Washington partisan politics to prevail."

"The American people are expecting us to act. Their trust in Wall Street to act in their best interest and faith in our ability to protect their investments has been shattered. We need to restore that trust."

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