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The Iranian Nuclear Threat

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. Speaker, I rise today out of great concern about the Iranian nuclear threat. As dozens of foreign leaders meet here in Washington to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, I am deeply worried that we are allowing the greatest potential nuclear threat in the world to go unchecked. Iran has repeatedly threatened to wipe Israel off the map. They have threatened to destabilize the entire Middle East and, with that, the entire global community.

In his last visit to the United States, former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said that a nuclear Iran ``represents as great a threat to the United States, to Europe and to the entire Middle East as it does to Israel.''

The rest of the world should not expect Israel to do its dirty work. I agreed with that then. I agree with it now.

If we want to avoid a nuclear Iran--and I believe we must--and if we want to ensure that Israel does not have to take matters into its own hands, we must immediately enact strong, effective economic sanctions that make it clear to Iran that we will not tolerate this pursuit of nuclear weapons. The alternative is simply unthinkable.

I look forward to passing a strong bipartisan/bicameral sanctions bill so that the President may sign this bill into law as soon as possible.

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