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Kerry Urges Veto of Arizona Immigration Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Kerry Urges Veto of Arizona Immigration Bill

Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), today respectfully urged Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto her state's pending immigration legislation.

"Governors have always had the freedom to act in what they perceive to be their state's interest, but I respectfully urge Governor Brewer to veto the new immigration bill on her desk this weekend," said Sen. Kerry. "I know that she is under immense pressure from heated and passionate interests to sign it into law, but the proposal will not work and will only divide communities and further inflame discourse over how to manage migration. We all know that for years the federal government and Congress in particular have failed to fix the system, but the Arizona bill will neither bring people together behind a national solution to this national dilemma nor will it make things better on the border."

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