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Coming Together To Protect Our Environment


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In the tradition of former Wisconsin Senator and Earth Day founder, Gaylord Nelson, we celebrate the 40th Earth Day this week. Senator Nelson would be proud to see how far we've come, elevating the state of the environment from a non-issue to one of the top issues in American politics. He started a modern day movement that has helped us make tremendous strides to protect our environment. As another Earth Day passes us, it is important to realize that as good stewards of the planet, we must work to do our part to conserve energy, restore our environment and take care of this place we call home.

Average people and businesses large and small are vital partners in effecting change. Public and private investment in green technology and renewable energy can reduce our dependence on foreign oil, re-invigorate our economy, and create new jobs. Right here in western Wisconsin we have the abundant natural resources to lead the country in clean energy innovation.

And the things each of us do at home can and are making a big difference. Simple steps such as using energy-saving light bulbs, increasing the sustainability of our homes, carpooling with others in the neighborhood, recycling our trash, and growing our own vegetables, are all important ways we can lessen our energy consumption and preserve our environment for future generations.

Senator Nelson's legacy is alive and well today, especially in Wisconsin. I will continue to carry it forward in Congress through my work on both the Natural Resources and Ways and Means Committees in support of forward-looking energy and conservation bills, as I hope that people in western Wisconsin and across the country will remember it in the work they do and the way they lead their lives. Together we can rise above the challenges and ensure a safe, clean, and abundant natural world for our children.

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