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Medicare Drug Discount Cards Bad for America's Seniors

Location: Washington, DC

Medicare Drug Discount Cards
Bad for America's Seniors
May 5, 2004

Prepared remarks-not checked against actual delivery)

Mr. Speaker,

When Congress passed the Medicare Prescription Drug bill, seniors expected real prescription drug coverage. Instead, seniors are receiving a sham discount card that guarantees no savings and will not lower drug costs.

Many seniors now use drug discount cards available at their pharmacies, which provide savings up to 25%. Seniors are able to use as many cards as needed.

The Medicare discount card will limit the options available to our seniors. Seniors will be allowed only one card, and drug prices can vary from week to week. In fact, drug companies have already started increasing drug prices, so they will not lose money.

Democrats are committed to not only fighting for a prescription drug benefit for our seniors, but for lower drug prices and giving seniors real choices.

The Administration's drug benefit will mask inflated prices and give huge subsidies to drug companies. I am
disappointed that many seniors who desperately need our help will not save a dime on their medication bills under the Administration's program.

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