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Brady Supports Bringing Another Wal-Mart to Chicago

Press Release

Location: Chicago, IL

Brady calls on Quinn to support jobs and opportunity in Pullman neighborhood
Instead of raising taxes and killing jobs, governor should speak out to let people work

Continuing his drive to bring opportunity to "food deserts," Bill Brady today said that Governor Pat Quinn should also speak out firmly to allow the building of a job-creating Wal-Mart planned for the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago.

Brady joins Mayor Daley and the local Chicago alderman in supporting the store.

"Pat Quinn wants everyone to pay more taxes that will do nothing but further bloat the government payrolls and kill private-sector jobs," Brady said. "If he won't drop that bad idea, he at least has an obligation not to stand in the way of people looking for work -- especially since they'd be paying his new taxes."

Brady, a candidate for governor and state senator from Bloomington, is a longtime supporter of allowing larger stores to be built in Chicago-area food deserts, areas lacking enough shops or job opportunities. Last May, Brady introduced legislation that would prevent municipalities from blocking the construction so-called big-box stores. He has also visited an area in the Chatham neighborhood to show his support for a proposed Wal-Mart there.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and Alderman Anthony Beale (9th) support the Pullman Wal-Mart. It would be located in Beale's community. Many local residents and leaders have also spoken out in support.

"Public officials must not stand as an obstacle between hard-working people and the places they want to work and shop," Brady said. "The governor's vocal support could help move this forward."

According to reports, the ward is facing 30% unemployment. The project, which awaits approval from the zoning commission and city council, would create almost 4,000 jobs, including about 780 unionized construction workers. The store would then hire nearly 700 employees.

"Like the mayor and alderman, I believe we should support opportunity for a lot of people who are now unemployed," Brady said. "I hope Pat Quinn strongly agrees."

Earlier in the week, Brady announced that a new Web site -- -- had been created. It is designed to let people send petitions to Quinn calling on him to drop his idea of raising the state income tax by 33 percent, which will only further increase unemployment.

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