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Sessions Statement on American Taxation

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Pete Sessions (TX-32) today released the following statement on Tax Day in America:

"Today the American people are facing Tax Day with more dread and uncertainty than ever before. Thanks to their profligate tax-and-spend agenda, Democrats are turning civic tax obligations into full-scale financial nightmares, already enacting nearly $700 Billion in tax hikes.

"At a time when millions of Americans remain jobless, President Obama and Democrats in Congress continue to pummel the free enterprise system with job-killing tax increases and onerous mandates. And despite promises to not raise taxes on the middle class, President Obama has already enacted at least 14 middle-class tax increases.

"Even with this enormous taxation, Democrats' big-government spending agenda will still make our national debt reach 90% of GDP by 2020. This is simply unsustainable. If the American people behaved like their government, they would be bankrupt and prosecuted long ago. Yet today the American people dutifully fill the treasury of a shamefully fiscally-irresponsible government.

"Along with the American people, I will continue to stand up to Democrats' policies for fiscal ruin. It's past time to return to our nation's principles of success: smaller government, limited taxation, individual liberty, and the free enterprise system. The American people deserve better."

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