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Issue Position: Economy

Issue Position

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Rebuilding our Economy

As history shows, Illinois will take longer to recover from this recession than most other states. That is not good news for the families in Illinois who have faced job loss, pay cuts, or a reduction in hours. Families are struggling to hold on, and we must work hard to increase job opportunities in all sectors of the economy to get people back to work. In the long term, we must emerge from this recession with an economy that is stronger than the one we entered it with. That means working to create sustainable new industries and economic priorities. It means focusing on retraining workers for the next generation of jobs, and creating a solid infrastructure from which our economy can prosper.

My Plan:

* I will make sure we focus on the strengths of Illinois economy for the next generation, not the previous one. That means focusing our strong intellectual capital, and energy resources, into new businesses and jobs.

* I will work to invest in new, green and sustainable industries that support and create the new, green jobs of the next century - renewable energy, smart grid, plug-in hybrid technology.

* I will also work to provide access to affordable broadband and WiMax to connect small businesses across the State, creating for the digital age what the roads, canals and railroads did for Illinois more than 150 years ago.

* I will work to rebuild our community infrastructure and human capital to make Illinois a more attractive place to start a business.

* I will work to provide job retraining programs so that our State's skilled, experienced workers can re-enter the workforce.

* I will work to create more technology transfer opportunities (converting research into products) within our state's powerhouse universities, and create partnerships between our research institutions and businesses to stay at the forefront of innovation.

* I will also make sure we make the best use of O'Hare Airport, our lifeline to the global economy, and use it as an engine for global economic partnerships and growth.

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