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Lee Hawkins Says Obamacare an Outrageous Attack on States Constitutional Powers to Set Policy and Budget Priorities

Press Release

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Lee Hawkins, candidate for Georgia's 9th District congressional seat, said Gov. Perdue's willingness to fight Obamacare in court is necessary to prevent Washington from "exercising what amounts to a federal veto over Georgia's state budget."

It is also necessary to allow for genuine reform.

"Americans want reform that reduces health care costs, retains choices for individuals, and does not hamstring doctors, clinics, hospitals and all who are delivering first rate medical care," Hawkins said. "My 30 years in health care give me experience to lead the continuing fight in Congress and elsewhere for genuine reform.

"Obamacare will cost Georgia taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars every year. These federal requirements would reduce Georgia's investments in education and projects basic to creating jobs, and instead force us to spend the money on Medicaid and related programs."

Obamacare will also bog down health care under another mountain of regulation, adding over 150 agencies, panels, department and commissions.

"As a dentist I know what it is to be on the front lines dealing with bureaucracies and regulations," Hawkins said. "When I first became a dentist, I had two dental assistants providing care to patients, and one receptionist who did all the paper work. Now, I still have two dental assistants providing care, but four people doing all the paper work."

"The governor's announcement that he will appoint a special attorney general to challenge federal health care reform assures us he will take any and all steps to protect Georgia's interests in these matters," Hawkins said.

Still more taxes and more over-regulation will undoubtedly be piled on if the reform is ever fully implemented Hawkins stated. "As the federal government's appetite for money and power in all areas grows and grows-the states run the risk of being stripped of their Constitutional powers and being reduced to mere administrative units of Washington. I look forward to this special attorney general's fight in the courts."

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