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Graves Statement on the One Year Anniversary of the "Stimulus"


Location: Atlanta, GA

State Representative Tom Graves (R-Ranger) released the following statement on the one year anniversary of the $787 billion stimulus package being signed into law:

"One year ago today, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law. The purpose of the $787 billion stimulus bill was to create new jobs, as well as save existing ones; to spur economic activity by investments that provide long-term economic growth; and to foster unprecedented levels of accountability and transparency in government spending.

"A year later, over three million Americans have lost their jobs; only six percent of Americans believe the stimulus package created jobs; and it was revealed that the Recovery Act website bragged about job creation in make-believe congressional districts.

"The stimulus has failed and the American people know it.

"Unfortunately, President Obama and the Democrats in Congress don't want to face reality; they want to spend tens of billions more on a JOBS Bill. While they may have gotten the name right, their approach is still wrong.

"There is only one true JOBS Bill in this country and it is being considered and debated right here in Georgia.

"The Jobs, Opportunity and Business Success Act of 2010 is not another government stimulus, not another government bailout and not another government buyout of the private sector. It is a common sense, free-market approach that will get our economy moving again by using tax credits, cuts and incentives to spur job creation.

"The JOBS Act of 2010 will help Georgia lead the nation out of the recession and into economic prosperity.

"If the leaders in Washington were serious about getting America back to work, they would abandon their big government, big spending approach that is bankrupting our country and instead follow Georgia's lead by unleashing its entrepreneurial spirit by empowering the private sector to create jobs."

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