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Issue Position: Conservative Values

Issue Position


Solutions to Strengthen North Georgia's Conservative Values

North Georgia's conservative values are a product of our family and faith where we are taught to stand firm on principle, to do the right thing and to fight for the things we believe in. Our families count on our leaders to defend our conservative North Georgia values when they come under attack in our courts and in Washington. I'll always be there to defend the sanctity of human life, traditional marriage and our right to prayer.

*Preserving Life.

I am pro-life and my record in the Georgia General Assembly demonstrates very clearly that I'll oppose the killing of the innocent unborn and support adoption as a positive solution. I oppose taxpayer funding of abortions, the gruesome partial-birth procedure and support laws that require parental notification and consent where minors are involved. In the Georgia House, I co-authored the Human Life Amendment that defines life from conception to natural death.

*Defending Traditional Marriage.

Marriage is between one man and one woman and no social engineering can change that fact. In the Georgia General Assembly, I proudly supported Georgia's Constitutional Amendment that defined marriage as such.

*Protecting Prayer.

Our nation was founded on religious freedom, and I believe every child and every person in America has the right for reflection, meditation, or prayer during the day. I support voluntary prayer in all schools and oppose any restrictions on the exercise of that right.

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