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Roskam Statement On New U.S. Nuclear Policy


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Peter Roskam, Deputy Whip and Co-Chair of the Republican Israel Caucus, today issued the following statement in response to the Administration's new self-imposed nuclear limitations:

"I was concerned to learn of the White House's new Nuclear Posture Review which limits the U.S.'s ability to preserve all necessary military options in defense of our nation. No one wants a nuclear war, but telegraphing America's defense strategy to our enemies leaves us less secure.

This one-sided policy hamstrings the U.S., but does absolutely nothing to rein in hostile countries even as they fail to live up to their international obligations. The President's recent wavering on the need for strong and enforceable sanctions to curb Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons only further encourages defiant foreign powers like Iran and North Korea to continue down a road of aggressively developing and producing nuclear weapons.

I urge the President to rethink this issue, work with our international partners to convince Iran to abandon its quest for nuclear weapons, and pursue multi-national solutions to global nuclear responsibility."

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