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Issue Position: Taxes

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Q -- Will you vote to raise state taxes?

A -- No. The legislature doesn't have a revenue problem…they have a spending problem. We need to put the Raleigh politicians on a pork-free diet. When they raise your taxes, it takes money out of the private sector -- which hurts economic growth. Raising taxes during a recession is bad for our economy. And right now, working people and seniors pay one-third of their incomes in taxes. I'll fight against higher taxes.

Q -- But won't there be drastic cuts to good programs?

A -- If we budget carefully, we can have good schools, quality law enforcement, and effective social programs without raising taxes. But the Raleigh politicians cut education first when they should be eliminating pork barrel projects. I'm a conservative businessman with a fresh perspective on how to deal with these problems.

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