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Bayh Calls for Provisions to Strengthen American Manufacturing Competitiveness

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Nine U.S. Senators wrote to Sens. Kerry, Lieberman, and Graham today calling for provisions to address manufacturing competitiveness that must be included in any clean energy legislation. The letter, led by Brown, outlines essential provisions necessary for clean energy legislation that strengthens American manufacturing competiveness, creates new opportunities for clean energy jobs, and creates a level playing field for domestic manufacturers.

"Our nation's economic future depends both on our global competitiveness and access to reliable energy sources," the Senators wrote. "We must not allow our nation to become dependent on foreign clean energy industries or squander the opportunity to compete successfully in the global clean energy marketplace. A strong manufacturing base is crucial if the United States is to build the clean energy technologies of the future and achieve energy independence."

The letter calls for a multi-pronged strategy to maintain and strengthen our industrial base and the millions of manufacturing jobs that are critical for our economic recovery. Specifically, the letter calls for legislation to:

* Invest in American Manufacturing Competiveness:

o Provide Assistance for Retooling and Clean Energy Manufacturing
o Support Research, Development, and Deployment of Low-Carbon Industrial Technologies
o Support American Manufacturers of Clean Energy Technologies

* Level the Playing Field and Prevent Carbon Leakage:

o Keep Energy Costs Low for Manufacturers
o Phase-In Manufacturers to Allow for Planning and Transition
o Provide Full Funding for Rebates to Energy-Intensive, Trade-Exposed Industries
o Apply Border Measures To Prevent Carbon Leakage

* Ensure A Long-Term Future for American Manufacturing:

o Clarify Federal and State Greenhouse Gas Standards
o Promote Meaningful International Action
o Provide Community Economic Adjustment Assistance and Worker Training

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