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Radio Spectrum Inventory Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PATRICK J. MURPHY of Pennsylvania. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of H.R. 3125, the Radio Spectrum Inventory Act.

As a veteran who served in Baghdad in 2003, I know firsthand how important proper radio use was for ensuring the success of our missions and safety of our troops. In the military every part of the radio spectrum had a specific purpose and was allocated based on efficiency and suitably.

Yet, in America the historical legacy of radio spectrum development has led to a patchwork system full of inefficiency. Additionally, there is a lack of information about current usage which has left America at a competitive disadvantage for developing new innovations in wireless service. Our economic success will depend on a new strategy for properly using our wireless spectrum so that we can innovate and develop new services to improve the connectivity of the American people and continue to fuel economic growth.

Every day new and useful applications are added to wireless service and the need for more radio spectrum to meet those needs increases. The Radio Spectrum Inventory Act would allow lawmakers, consumers and industry to know what spectrum is being used and how. By identifying gaps in spectrum use and inefficient spectrum allocations, this bill will help us understand the best approach to meet the growing demand for additional spectrum.

With the important information collected as a result of this bill, we can have an informed debate about how to most efficiently use and allocate our limited spectrum resources so that we can best meet the changing needs of the American public.

Mr. Speaker, it is time that we take a serious look at the future spectrum needs of this country in order to properly prepare for the challenge. The right way to start is by gathering more information on our current situation. The Radio Spectrum Inventory Act will take this first step and put us on the right path to effectively develop a better strategy to meet our nation's growing wireless needs.


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