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Brady Launches Petition Drive for Overtaxed Residents

Press Release

Location: Springfield, IL

Brady launches "Stop the Job-Killing 33" campaign

Calls on taxpayers to make voices heard against tax increase

Governor candidate Bill Brady marked Tax Day today by calling on Illinois residents to make their voices heard against Pat Quinn's 33 percent tax increase, which he said will go to further bloat the government.

"The absolute last thing we need in the middle of a recession with unacceptably high unemployment is a huge tax increase that will only feed the big government monster," said Brady, the Republican nominee for governor. "Governor Quinn says we need this because of the state's fiscal woes, but the reality is the state's financial problems will be solved if we create jobs. More people on payrolls means more revenues for the state. We need jobs that generate tax revenue, not that eat them."

Brady pointed to the example of the hiring and firing of a long-time Quinn aide as the high-paid "canoe czar" recently at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

"Pat Quinn has left the people of Illinois up the creek without a paddle," Brady said. "That is the only reason we would have needed a "canoe czar.'"

Brady noted at a press conference today in Springfield that a new web site has been launched -- -- to gather petitions from Illinois taxpayers. The e-petitions will be delivered to the governor's office.

"Tax increases are the easy way out for big government," Brady said. "As a business owner, I know what higher taxes mean: It means not being able to offer a job to one more unemployed American. For a family, it means even less to buy the essentials. In today's economy, every little bit helps.

Brady has called for a ten-percent cut in state spending. "Rather than taking more money from taxpayers, we need to cut out the waste and political paybacks that have been padded onto the budgets in recent decades."

"And we need a leader with the courage to stand up for taxpayers, not for the government," he said.

The increased income tax will be especially onerous on small business owners, who will be forced to pay the taxes instead of spending money on hiring new employees.

Also, Gov. Quinn's tax increase will discourage new companies from coming to Illinois -- killing opportunities for residents to find a job. Illinois already ranks 47th in job growth.

"State and federal spending are sucking the life out of the economy and its ability to create jobs," Brady said. "Government should promote opportunity by fostering job growth, encouraging entrepreneurs and letting individuals and small businesses keep more of what they earn."

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